Project Advisor for

Community Infrastructure Projects

We help you make the connection and build trust. 


Scout believes in supporting projects that benefit and prioritizes the needs of First Nations. Scout can help navigate the complexity of community involvement and infrastructure requirements during the early stages of a project. We offer three levels of advisory which include the following: 

  • Presentation Feedback: Critical content and layout review for the intended First Nation audience 
  • Cultural Coaching & Meeting PreparednessIn-person mentorship for awareness on customs and distinctive norms when meeting with Indigenous peoples.  
  • Community Profile: Input and research on the community’s priorities and challenges 
  • Attendance and Support for On-Site Meetings: Participation for on-site meetings with the First Nations in support of the Project 
  • Meeting Execution: Agenda development and coordination of meeting logistics 
  • Presentation / Content Development:  Preparation of all or partial presentation components in a format suited for the intended First Nation audience  


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