Project Advisor for

Community Infrastructure Projects

Scout believes in supporting projects that benefit and prioritizes the needs of First Nations. Scout offers three service levels of advisory for projects within First Nation communities, providing the following:

  • Presentation Feedback 
    • Critical feedback on content and layout for alignment with the intended audience 
  • Cultural Coaching & Meeting Preparedness 
    • In-person mentorship to provide awareness on customs and distinctive norms when meeting with indigenous peoples.  
  • Community Profile 
    • Input and research on the community’s priorities and challenges 
  • Attendance and Support for On-Site Meetings 
    • Attendance for on-site meeting with the First Nation in support of the Project 
  • Meeting Logistics 
    • Agenda development and coordination for meeting logistics 
  • Presentation / content development 
    • Slide content development for presentation to a First Nation community 
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  • Windmills on Field
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