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Innovating The Indigenous Future Through:

  • Our approach embraces the expanding role of engineering in ensuring technology is used to create a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable future.

  • Our path to trust begins with unbiased listening and sympathetic exchanges. We are mindfully present with all of our collaborators to innovate through empathetic decision making.

  • Our shared journey to knowledge is realized by honouring indigenous history, Decolonizing, and including traditional practices in our work. We are investing in collective learning and education through the use of leading edge training methods and technology.


Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd. is an “Indigenous Company owned and operated by Indigenous Professionals to develop the solutions currently not available in the market that meets the needs of First Nations and their communities. Scout Engineering & Consulting believes in cultivating adaptive systems and advancing human capacity to support empathetic engagement with First Nation, Inuit and Metis.

We create lasting and positive outcomes that nurture trusting relationships and promote thriving communities. In everything we do, we deliver Authenticity, Empathy and Compelling Insight. 

Our MISSION is to provide sustainable solutions to infrastructure needs of Indigenous communities by serving the role of advocate for those communities.

For us, an advocate must listen first, listen second, and listen third, and to be an effective listener we must understand the consequence of our actions for our clients. Our management, employees, and subcontractors understand this and strive to deliver on this mandate.

We also seek to work with Industry/Public Sector Clients seeking better outcomes on their projects involving Indigenous Peoples.

We offer a complete suite of Civil Engineering services for our clients internally, and for niche projects we have partnered with like-minded firms to provide the following services: 

First Nation Infrastructure Projects

Project Advisor for Community Infrastructure Projects

Indigenous Awareness and Collaboration Training 

Event Speaking

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~Scout Engineering Philosophy

It Just Takes A Second

A Word From Our President

We’re focused on our niche, serving First Nations, and hope to expand the business in the near future. For now, we’re happy to be working with several nations in Treaty 6 and Treaty 8 on their Emergency Response and Recovery after a wet 2017 spring. Advocating for our clients is something we’re proud to do and with some persistence we hope to get safe, sustainable infrastructure put back into our communities.

The impact on the Nations, the hard-working staff, and the membership has been tragic. Especially in regards to the loss of access to education for our youth who already struggle to achieve outcomes similar to off-reserve students, and to our elders that need our help in time of need.

The grace under pressure and tremendous capacities in our communities has been humbling to observe, certainly we are at our best under pressure. We hope that resolution of these situations is quick to come and partnership with the relevant government departments provides solutions without much delay.

This business was started to address a need, but as time passes we aspire to fulfill a role. Moving the needle and encouraging companies to move beyond ‘Reconciliation’ into a role as ‘Advocating’ for Indigenous communities requires that someone prove it is “good for business”. Scout Engineering & Consulting may be that someone.

We look forward to working with you in the future!

Steven Vaivada, P.Eng.

President, Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd.